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Residential Services


Water Services

New and Replacement

  • Accomplished with minimal digging using traditional methods coupled with state of the art Horizontal/Directional Drilling
  • Standard residential replacements usually accomplished with an excavation near connection at street and at meter pit location (if applicable) only - excavating entire length of service usually not necessary.

Natural Gas Lines

Qualified to install all types and sizes

  • Above grade steel lines to appliances
  • Below grade plastic lines (installed with minimal digging)
  • Pressure testing of new and existing lines

Sanitary Sewer

New, Replacement, Repair, Locating, and Inspection

  • State of the art locating and camera equipment to diagnose and pinpoint the problem
  • Expertise and experience to determine and solve the problem without pressured sales of unnecessary services.

Trenchless Technology

Various methods to keep your landscape intact

  • Horizontal/Directional Drilling for pipe sizes up to 16" and lengths up to 800' per setup
  • Pnuematic peircing (hole hog)- for short bores